Friday, May 10, 2013


I have done a lot of priming and base-coating, but little camouflaging the last couple weeks. It's beginning to show!

I found three Revell T-80BVs on Ebay and bought them. I also wanted some T-72s with K-1 ERA so I took the ERA kits from the T-80s and turned them into T-80BVs with Rogatka. The conversion is not perfect, but looks the part.

I also did my first WW2 kit in ages yesterday! The good old Hasegawa Puma. Very nice kit indeed, and worth the $5 I paid at the hobby show. Now I should get to the three Panthers that came with it I suppose :D

T-72AV. I have two more to build

T-80BV (Rogatka). One of three, all are primed



  1. very nice stuff Ben. I have got that replacement T-90A now, I still need to start on it also, and the Leopard 2 A6. anyway study comes first (Shakespeare research after I am done looking here) and that's taking up a lot of time.

    great looking stuff, the Puma looks so modern, far ahead of its time in terms of design. I know your going to do a good job on them, the T-80BV's look cool also, some uneven edges here and there but certainly very well done for making that Rogatka!

    1. Good to hear about the T-90. I want a Leopard...Maybe in the future!
      Have fun with the Shakespeare (0_o)
      Thankfully I'm done with studying 'till the end of August. Chemistry is my thing.

  2. Nice, now get som paint on them so I can steal your paintscheme for my micro stuff! :D