Saturday, June 1, 2013

Marine "Force Recon"

Here is a very little project that I started a few days ago. These are various Caesar figures that have undergone some serious surgery :D Most of the boonies came from the Bundeswehr set, and the baseball caps came from one of the new "sportsmen" sets by Caesar.
The M4s got a lengthened barrel and are now M16A4s, I made a designated marksman with an SR-25, as well as an MGL140. I also decided that Caesar's "SAWs" are actually Mk48 MGs. Which makes the longer barrel accurate as well as gives the squad a NICE extra punch on the wargame table.

Mk48, M16A4 w/M203, and two M6A4

Same as above

My favorite team: M249, MGL140, M16A4, and SR-25


  1. Nice conversions there Ben

  2. very nice stuff Ben! they look great. who needs helmets anyway? (shrapnel from grenade hits friends head)...oh that's why. anyway they look cool which surpasses practicality on the battlefield.

    great conversions, they look awesome, love to see them all painted up.

  3. Great ones, boonies are a great idea, i'll take it ;-)
    I love the first figure on the second row...
    Very nice work Ben !


  4. @Al: Thanks Al! These were fun to work with for a change.

    @Gowan: Good point, but the again who wants to see the same 12 poses in yet another camo scheme? I'm running out of ideas! :D

    @ACME: Thanks! There are inspiring moderns on your blog as well!

    @Mel: Glad you like them, Melvin! I like that pose too, he is the only one I used from the Bundeswehr set.

    @Steve: I hope so. I'll probably end up getting them killed in a game soon!

  5. They look great- remember the last unit painted usually get killed first on the table top.



  6. Pete, Ben - I thought it was the nicest painted unit which usually ends up getting killed first!

  7. With me it's every unit!
    I almost always lose even solo games. Tell me how that works!