Saturday, March 8, 2014

Canadian trucks, American Rangers, Sherman tanks, and some IDF paras...

Quite a bit to squeeze in here, but I hope you enjoy this little update.

1945 Sherman tanks: I finished these a while back to support my armored infantry platoon. As such, they belong to the 4th Armored Division of the US Army. The M4E2 is a Black Dog/Dragon conversion, and the rest are repainted, detailed, prebuilt MRC models.

Canadian Trucks: I and several other forum members commissioned S&S models to make these in December, I believe. They are a lovely little kit that looks great with a little extra detailing. Plus they're inexpensive :D
The following are some little scenes I set up using them the other day. Most of the figures are by AB/Eureka miniatures, and a couple passengers are from War Modelling.

Traitor to the Reich!

Here's the WIP stage:

Army Rangers: These are extensive (and expensive) conversions based on the excellent Vepa figures. I am hoping to catch the look of the 3rd battalion in its tour late last year.

Finally, IDF Paratroops: these are more conversions. I'm using Underfire's bush war figures, with CP Models' US and British/Polish paratroop heads. (These are late stage WIP):

Thanks for looking!
I hope everyone has a great Spring season.

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