Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sdkfz 234 and their crews

I am working on a reconnaissance platoon from the 1st SS Panzer Division, LSSAH, for the last great German offensive of WW2, Operation Spring Awakening.

This operation was a desperate push against the Soviet hordes in Hungary, in March 1945. Shortly after it was over, the Germans surrendered. 

The kits are made by Roden. This is a jewel of a model; it is a little dated and some parts aren't perfect, but I've build four now and all have turned out great, in my opinion.

To save time, and hopefully get a better result, I used masking tape and Tamiya spray cans. I don't plan to ever brush paint a tank again :D

Two more Pumas, i.e. Sdkfz 234/2s are coming in the mail now, and I will post the completed unit in due time. 
(Stowage and smaller details aren't finished in these photos).

Thanks for looking!