Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Change in focus and more Flames of War…

I’m afraid that I haven’t played a wargame in, I think, over a year. I can’t say that I really miss them either, as my emphasis has been on collecting rather than getting the bits in an actual game.

After thinking about this for a while, I have decided to change my focus a bit, and finish projects solely for selling them, as this seems to resolve several issues which I’ll outline below:

  • I still love to research, buy, paint and photograph wargame units and post them here, and will continue to do so as I always have.
  • I will get to finish all the projects that I want to, but won’t need to store them anywhere.
  • I will get spending money from profiting from selling units (as I have been doing successfully for a few  months now!). This is especially important as I will transfer to a four year university to study there full time in order to finish the final two years of my undergraduate chemistry program; “soldier money” is likely to be less available as I will both work reduced hours and commute over a longer distance.
  • Finally, I will have much more flexibility with which projects I can work on. For example, I got to tinker with Flames of War figures recently with no pressure from myself to buy opponents or commit myself to making a long-term project of them.

Anyway, I hope I haven’t bored you to death; I thought that a serous update was overdue. Regular “soldier stuff” will be posted from here on out :D

Here’s my latest finished unit as mentioned above: a Flames of War, Late War, SS tank hunter team. I got these off ebay with some really nice urban bases and figures both made by Battlefront, I believe.

I had a lot of fun painting them: the detail is nice enough to make them satisfying, but they’re quicker to work with than 20mm (no worries, I’m still madly in love with 20mm, and hope to be back very soon).

Thanks, as always, for looking!


  1. Your approach to the hobby is very like mine (apart from the selling). The best way is the one that suits you :). Admiring your WW2, dangerously close to dipping a toe in myself.

    1. Thanks!
      This plan is working for me for the time being , but I'm sure I'll get back into playing actual games at some point in my life.
      You really should consider 20mm WW2, there's a lot of great kits and figures available right now.
      Thanks for looking!