Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Next Project

Well, now that my LAH armored car unit is finished, I can start on something brand new.

I plan to do a reconnaissance grenadier platoon of the 4th company of the same battalion as my armored car platoon.

I've ordered two Hasegawa 251/1 D, one Dragon 251/1 C (which arrived today), and the Dragon 251/10 D.
The following figures, plus a few more from Battlefield/Blitz (and more unfinished AB guys) will be the crew. I had hoped to mount them on removable parts so the vehicles can represent dismounted or mounted crew as an option, but a test fit is making me have second thoughts; I may just do a permanently mounted, reduced strength platoon.

Thanks for looking! 



  1. Nice work. Love the camouflage

    1. Thanks!
      The green and pea dot are a lot of fun to paint, but for some reason the autumn version is a pain!
      Glad you like them.

    2. No problem, Ben. Oh I nominated you for a Liebster! Congrats!