Thursday, November 10, 2016

Polish Armored Cavalry: 11 Lubuska Dywizja Kawalerii Pancernej

Poland is a significant NATO force and would likely muster the front line defense in the initial stages of a war with Russia, so naturally I needed to represent them in 15mm....

This was a little tough considering the limited figures available, but I managed a set of conversions based on Odzial Osmy's Russian and Ukrainian infantry to form the basis of a mechanized platoon.

This involved first adding some hoods, holographic optics, and goggles to figures simply to make them a little different from the original Russians. Long UGLs had to be added on several figures (the platoon has a total of 6):

Next, some designated marksmen were made by adding extra optics to the rifles and bipods made from brush bristle and plastic:

The following was used for reference:

I also needed a commander and radio operator; these were easily converted from basic riflemen: 

The platoon's two antitank teams can be seen in the background.

The troops needed some battle taxis, so the ultramodern-looking KTO Rosomak (from a Polish company called "Terrain-4-Games") was used:

Being the imperfect wargamer I am, an overrepresentation of heavy armor was needed, so the natural choice was the new Leopard 2 set from Battlefront. I don't know exactly what model of Leopard this is, but it looks close enough to the A4 for me:

Poland has an impressive number of these according to Wikipedia. This appears to be a company:

Here are some action photos for dessert. Thanks for looking!