Friday, January 20, 2017

Afghan Army and US Special Forces

I just finished these two little units from Afghanistan.

The ANA commandos are conversions from Khurasan's new Syrian and Hezbollah sets, and the Special Forces are (mostly) conversions of Khurasan's Israelis. The HMMWVs are also Khurasan, while the pickups are Peter Pig and the MATVs are from Matchbox (with Corporal Overby tires added, among other upgrades).

Thanks for looking.


  1. Ben,
    Nice work on these.
    In the 6th group from the top, From left to Right.
    R the 1st and 4th figures Khurasan, if so which ones and did u convert them at all?
    Again, nice work.

  2. Hey, and thank you!
    All but the sniper in this group are Khurasan Israelis with headswaps and some weapon modifications. The baseball hat heads are from PeterPig and the others were sculpted from Green Stuff by me.