Saturday, June 3, 2017

20mm Russian Special Forces

I've been stuck on 15mm for a while now with no desire to return to 20mm. That was until I looked into some of Elhiem's new releases, particularly their Russian special forces series. 

On a whim, I decided to buy a few sets (along with the new American special forces in FAST helmets, but that's for another post) and paint them up as Russians currently appearing in Syria. 

This first one is not a dedicated "special forces" set, but is supposed to represent specialists from the regular army. I thought that they would go well with the SF series though, giving me a wider variety of poses and weapons. 

The Russian SF in Syria have adopted a more "western" look with FAST helmets and Multicam and A-TACS camouflage. 

In all, I used figures from three sets; as you can see below, the different sets mix quite well. 

This is the main SF pack. It consists of 5 figures which match perfectly with the Russians in Syria. 

The figures in the final of three sets are Russians in Gorka suits. These are new windproof outfits that have been adopted by many factions throughout the world including all branches of the Russian military (shown below in Syria), ISIL, and pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine. 

On a personal note, I haven't painted much lately due to school. I have finally managed to graduate though (B.S. Hons in Chemistry). I will be starting  a PhD program in Materials Engineering in the Fall, so I may disappear all but completely for a while! I am doing part-time research this summer though, so I plan to paint much more in the coming couple of months. 

Thanks for looking. Stay tuned for MARSOC and SEALS! 


  1. Great work. Gives me the inspiration to start on my own.



  2. Congratulations on graduating, and good luck with the doctorate!

    As always your painted figures look great!