Wednesday, April 25, 2012

USMC in Digital Camouflage

Ive been too busy to paint of late. Work and other things (including my new found joy of Call of Duty!) have somewhat distracted me at  the moment. Nonetheless, here are some freshly painted Caesar U.S. infantry, I tried them in my latest attempt at digital woodland camouflage. The sniper is from the Worldwide special forces set, the LMG guy is from Revell as Caesar's first U.S. set does not include a good MG pose. The Revell guy has been updated by me, I trimmed the shoulder pads off the body armor and added a night vision equipment platform on his helmet. I painted all the figs with balaclavas and gloves because, well, they look cool! Hope you enjoy, I'm awaiting the right amount of pennies to base them, plus I'm too lazy to base them now.

I love this pose

And this one


  1. Ben,
    Love the pics - your guys actually look like they're wearing the new MULTI-CAM as opposed to the UCP / ACUPAT.

    I like the idea for the gloves too - you are right they look very cool. One thing you might want to try too - US troops love wearing the aviator NOMEX gloves as they are fire resistant. They are dark sage green with grey sides and grey under the fingertips. There are US combat vehicle crewmen gloves that the grunts liked to use that are green / black as well. Nice work!

    Here is a good pic of MULTI-CAM

    Here is a good pic of troops in action wearing our UCP /ACUPAT

    The websites are respectable so you know it's not spam :)

  2. Nice work! I am looking forward to seeing them used in one of your games!

  3. Thanks guys.

    Thank you Steven for the pictures, the kneeling guy in the UPC picture is wearing what must be the green/black gloves, which I find interesting. The articles themselves were interesting too, why on earth would they only allow this great camouflage for use in "ceremonies" and traveling to and from?! It seems to defeat the purpose.

    As for the UCP, I've always liked the look of the greenish blue and grey of them. In my post "Afghanistan 2010" you can see some examples.

    And thank you Uncle Brian, I plan to use them eventually, just awaiting the right time, purpose, and inspiration.