Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Prussian Brigade Finally Done! The Beginnings of the Light Division

Finally, here it is, the moment not very many of you have been waiting for! My brigade!!!
Is that thunder I hear?

No, it is the sound of destruction... the 9th regiment of Hussars is sent forward to point out trouble points and churches to loot

The infantry element...

Is shortly washing around us like an overwhelming flood of dark blue and grey.

One rgt of infantry, their grenadiers have formed into the brigade grenadier battalion in the background.

Half a battalion, rather beautiful figures, no fault of mine

Is that a Waterloo 1815 figure in there??? That is not supposed to be an eye patch, I missed it painting 

The proud brigadier watching over his flock

For Black Bob Crauford!
Here is the beginning  of my next project I guess. The Peninsular has been my favorite part of the Napoleonic wars for most of my gaming history, ever since the candle was lit in me by the old Don Featherstone books I guess.

The battle of the Coa on the Spanish/ Portuguese border in 1810 involved the 95th, 52nd and 43rd light infantry rgts and 1st and 3rd Cacdores; the 1st Hussars and 16th LDs  and Ross' battery of horse arty if I remember correctly. That is my goal.
The 1/52nd light infantry.


and again. These are A Call to Arms and Hat figures.

I also have done the 43rd thus far

The entire 12th dragoons, humor me and pretend they have red facings :-/

The very old worn out Airfix Horse arty with an excellent ACTA gun.

How come I think of Elvis when I see this picture?

Hope you enjoy, any help with what to do for the 1st Hussars will be appreciated as well!


  1. Very nice pictures, specially the Prussians for me! A really great work on the photos!

    1. Thanks Phil, glad you like them. Now I need to figure out some of the stuff you do with your pictures, falling snow etc!

  2. Most impressive output Sir!

    1. Thanks Fitz, they do look good in such a large number don't they? Glad you like them.

  3. Ben,
    Most impressive! I love your Royal Artillery uniforms. Awesome and you are inspiring me to get off my backside and complete more of my British Line, Portuguese, and yes, yet another unit of French! Huzzah and nicely done.


    1. Thanks Steven, The Airfix figs do turn out well with enough time spent on them, almost more than I want to!

      What do you plan to do for the Portuguese? I was thinking Italeri 95th for the Cacadores but still am not positive.

  4. I know nothing about that time period, but your work looks very good.

    1. Thanks EF, there was an Russian front in that war as well, you could sneak a few nappies onto your blog and we could accept it! I'm glad you like them

  5. I'm very happy to see all those small figures painted, few things look so nice as a fully painted napoleonic army! Great work and a big motivation for myself to get some painting done!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, I found it very helpful to have a goal, such as the "brigade," for getting motivated!