Friday, August 10, 2012

Prussian Brigade, WIP #1

I've begun work on a generic post 1806 Prussian brigade for wargaming.

The Hat figures are great but require a lot prep to do them justice. I had to cover them with wood glue, white prime, paint, then more wood glue. They seem to be holding up to lots of test abuse though so its working out well. I've gathered some info from forums etc of regimental distinctions and such and still need to make some corrections.

I've had these lying about since last year's Fall In hobby show. They are excellent figures as are most of the newer Hats.
One RGT: battalion of fusiliers and two battalions of musketeers. The brigadier watches over his units.

Waterloo 1815 Hussars

The two infantry regiments.

The rear view, I hot-glued the backpacks on.

 For Alex
Hope these help. Also look at the "Ultra Modern" wargaming blog, Emmett's version of these are much better than mine
Here is the Caesar Riot figure. I hollowed the shield slit and the face mask and filled it with clear gloss gel.

Here is the figure with respirator, I made up a paint scheme for these guys.

Thanks for looking.


  1. very cool! those last figs are very nice. the guy in the respirator almost looks like some sort of Astronaut

    1. Thanks Gowan, you had said something about NBC troops for your sewer line in Oregnero, here is one of the few available. Thanks for looking, you should do Napoleonics ;)