Saturday, August 11, 2012

Prussian Brigade WIP #2: Artillery and Hussars

Each Prussian brigade had it's attached artillery battery and some form of a cavalry regiment. Therefore I needed these to finish MY brigade.

The natural option that pops into one's head is, "Hat has Prussian arty," well true, but they are very low quality being one of the first sets made by that company.

I was left with two options: convert or not. I decided to tackle the former. The first two figures you see are from the M part of Hat's MAC Prussians, the officer is from the C part, and the remaining two are from the actual artillery set.
I added a rammer out of twisted copper wire (because un-twisted was too thin), with a shaped hot-glue sponge in top. the other fig has had both arms melted at the elbow and a plastic cylinder full of grape shot placed in his arms.

Un-modified Commander. I should have done something with the buttons.

Original fuze lighter, the shako is from one of the new MAC sets. The join is not as clean as I hoped for but it will do.

These cavalry are by "Waterloo 1815" and are very excellent figures, I am rather proud of the result. Of course, Hussars look great no matter who the painter is!

My brigade has an attached cavalry Rgt of four squadrons. I am choosing to represent one squadron with each stand of three horses.

These are painted as the 9th Hussars which were present in the Waterloo campaign. Another unit of these are here [I know nothing about this blog, a google search for the 9th has brought it to my attention.]

Blue on, er...light blue!
I still need to finish the bases on these but hey, the painting is done! Have a great weekend.


  1. nice! the colours are great, and the gun looks good

    1. Thanks Gowan. The gun needed a lot of paint converting, the actual kit has very little detail, but I'm pretty happy with it.

  2. I like these hussars very much. The 1815 sets are, as far as I'm concerned, still the best Prussian cavalry set in plastics which is available on the market.

    Well - if you allow me to make a statement which is meant as constructive criticism:
    - the blue of the uniforms is certainly a bit too light, a dark blue washing could be helpful here.
    - as far as I know, trousers were grey on campaign. White trousers were only worn occasionally or on parade
    - the colour of the officers' sash is wrong. Prussian officers wore sashes in silver with black lining

    1. Thanks Zed, the 1815 set is truly a beautiful kit.

      I agree with the grey trousers, I think I did too many highlights and they turned out white looking.

      I will try some modifications on the trousers and experiment with some blue washes on the coats.

      I did not take the time I should have on studying the artillery crew, I'll repaint that sash as well.

      Thanks so much for the advice, I'm new to the Prussians and need all the help I can get!

      Thanks for looking.

  3. The painting is done and it's great mate!
    Oh the bases...what a pain in the a...s!Good luck with them mate! :)

  4. The gun is sick man! And the colours are awesome, still waiting for the special forces riot shield lot to be uploaded like you said!(I'm the anonymous)

  5. Thanks guys, both your issues will be addressed very soon!

  6. Oh - just one more thing, Ben. I saw that you made a statement regarding the forthcoming Prussian sets on the HaT website.
    Well. I can confirm that the Prussian mounted officers are really beautiful. I've painted them a while ago:

    Regarding the HaT Prussian hussars: forget about them. They are top-ugly compared with the 1815 hussars that you already have and they will certainly not mix with them. Have a look:

    Hopefully, the Landwehr will look good...