Monday, August 13, 2012

Prussian Brigade WIP 3: Beginning Basing and something for Bob

 I began basing my brigade today.
After the first step of this project I mounted the figures to strips of card, such as from an old Revell Model box, my traditional basing material, with hot-glue.

Today I first covered the bases with air dry clay. Once the clay was dry I slopped on some wood glue to keep it from being too brittle.

I painted the bases with model master earth red.

An artillery crew slough through the Belgian mud...

Here you go Bob! These are certainly not my best job but they are the requested figures!

Hope this helps a bit, let me know if you do something with them, I would like to see the end result.

Meanwhile, back in La Belle Alliance...
I will place an order for some woodland scenics "earth blend" ground cover for the brigade project. Meanwhile, maybe I'll look into some post 1812 French and fixing some details such as shoulder tabs on the grenadier battalion and the pants and sash of the artillery crew....Thanks for looking.