Monday, September 10, 2012

Back in Business With an Appetizer!

Hello people! As you probably gathered from the title, we have a new computer. Thanks for all your kind comments in my last post as well.

The following are a few pictures form an epic two day battle set somewhere in western Europe over the weekend.

My knowledge of Force on Force has grown a bit as has my enjoyment of the over all game.

I got to use such advanced rules as a barrage, counter artillery fire, and a smoke screen.

Anyway these few pictures are just a teaser/test, the rest will come when I get time.

One more thing, thanks to all my followers. I now have almost as many of you as I do Facebook "friends"!!

Hmm, in need of some paint touch ups
Thanks for looking!


  1. Welcome back to cyberspejs! Looks like a nice game.

  2. very nice to have you back! a two day game, I could never do that without a brake of a good hour every so often. Force on Force sounds very good, I am not so sure if I should save up for a rule set for christmas... or I could alter some free rules to incorperate some of those more complex systems.

    1. There were plenty of brakes, plus I put the game away over night since my "table" is my bed!

      At this point I would stay away from FoF if I were you. If I had jumped into this a few years ago when I realy started gaming, I would not have known where to start.

      But I'm sure you would learn quikly, and it is fun once I figured it out. Do what seems best. Thanks for visiting.