Monday, September 3, 2012

Yes, a New WIP

Neither the Hat nor the Italeri set cuts it for me with their French Chasseurs a Cheval. I had another option though, convert!!!

The Strelets set, Guides of Napoleon were on sale at TSC last month as were many other 1/72 sets. So I buy them and the newer Hat foot Chasseurs.

On another note I bought some Strelets Russian WW1 figures for my RCW project, and three more sets of Orion Federal Russians for the stash.

The "guides" set has several poses of trumpets and lances which I didn't want in my regular light rgt, so I removed the unwanted arms and replaced them with the otherwise terrible Italeri set.

My method for converting figures of different hardnesses of plastic is to melt a staple into the hardest, sharpen it on the belt sander, then dab the soft plastic part in wood glue and press it on the staple. The join was cleaned with a hot knife where necessary.

The components: Arm, Italeri; head, Hat; body, Strelets.

All blended together.

1st squadron of the 15 rgt of the Chasseurs a Cheval of Lamotte's brigade.

I'm far from pleased with the result. Some of these Strelets sets are too much of a challenge for the small amount of time I want to spend on them.

Thanks, enjoy.


  1. they look very nice... I hope Sasha approves, he is the master of nappie accuracy :-D but I still like them even if they are not 100% correct.

  2. That is a clever conversion technique!

  3. That's really something. I am not very good at conversions so I am afraid that my opinion would bot be very important, but mate, I must say that you did an excellent job! :)

  4. Very good job. Love the uniforms!