Thursday, September 13, 2012

Iraqi commandos and an AAR

Good day people. First off, here are some Iraqi Army commandos from the post-Saddam era. I got some time for the first time in too long to paint last night so I took advantage of it.

I'm not sure why I chose Iraqis, but I had fun anyway.

Aside from the one experimental figure directly below in the fancy new urban camo, the figures are painted in the US designed desert tiger stripe which in my opinion is beautiful, yes I'm a hopeless, unapologetic geek who gets excited about camouflage patterns.

The new urban digital camo.

The desert tiger stripe

I love this pose but the picture went fuzzy. Honestly, this helmet is really cool: unfortunately, some of use think this looks normal... I rest my case.

The US team supervisor, I believe they did this for a while and are still using this method. hopefully on a level more successful than in Afghanistan...

The whole team.

Gowan, the Soviet Reunion is at hand!!!

This game was held sometime over the last weekend.
On the first day of WW3 a USMC expeditionary force is holding onto a farm near a highway. A highly motivated (read threatened to the edge of their lives if they fail) Russian motor platoon with an accompanying T-72 is ordered to take the farm and proceed to a large highway which naturally is of great strategic value.

The USMC command and support section on the field. Their HQ is here on the far side of the highway, the farm is about two (real life) feet to the forward.

One of three fireteams commissioned to hold the farm area as long as possible.

Meanwhile Soviet production quality and planning are epitomized in the breakdown of a T-72 and traffic jam.

At the same time, whats left of a LAV-25 platoon rush down the highway to the weak spot.

The first Soviet units appear on the horizon.

just as the two LAVs enter the AO

To make a long story short, the Javelin team takes out the T-72 and the LAVs target the BTRs, their traditional role.

One BTR breaks free of the carnage in the field and attacks the fireteam in the farm yard. It is soon flanked and destroyed by one of the LAVs.
 Day Two
The battered  USMC unit is replaced by a Army platoon on day two.
The Soviets are forced to try again. This time the lineup includes three T-72s and another Motor platoon. All is not lost for the Army though, there will be an unpleasant surprise for the Soviet company commander today.

The T-72s quickly skirt the wooded hill and drive full force on the farm.

Whoosh!!! A javelin ATGM  hits the T-72 sending the turret to shreds!
See this

The team HQ set up by a fine dragon HMMWV

The fury of Russia!!!

A smoke barrage slams the highway area.

A dramatic shot.

Again, to make a somewhat long story short, the US's nasty surprise arrives on the scene, utterly smashing any hope of the second wave of Russian empire building.


  1. very interesting, thanks for the heads up about the soviet reunion... those brave marines I am glad that day 3 is not shown. I can imagine that russia would have brought something even more deadly to the playing field for revenge. could they have held out for 4 days??? I think so especiallly with the javlin... those videos though poor quality are scary. well for a tank commander. great game and nice work on those commanders

    1. ohh and I love the camo patterns as well though I normally make my own up because I would never be ablt to do them justice.

    2. Thanks Gowan, maybe I will continue this sometime to see what comes of it! Also, "" that I linked to is an excelent site, even if your just looking for ideas to make up your own patterns. Its truly amazing just how many kinds of camo there is!

  2. Nice report Ben, and some good work on your Iraqi friends.

    1. Thanks Paul, now I need some post Saddam regular infantry! It would be neat to see Iraqis riding in HMMWVS and Abrams tanks on the games table.