Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Royal Netherlands Air-Mobile Platoon, WIP.

Here is a little tutorial from my latest little project, Royal Netherlands air assault platoon for Afghanistan.

They are an interesting little military, and this tutorial will work, with a stretch, for Canadian infantry units as well.

The Netherlands, and Canadian army both use the C8 assault rifle, which is a cousin of the M4 carbine/M16 family. This was my first consideration for conversions; the old Caesar US infantry in Desert equipment contains a pile of figures armed with a weapon which I can't identify, but looks strangely like the C8 carbine.

Next, I needed to update the personal hydration system on the figures' backs. I choose the packs from some extra, Caesar Bundeswehr and from a pile of other figs like the Caesar Brits, and some Israeli bits and pieces.

Next I needed to find some helmets, I now realize I could leave the helmets of the original figures on, but in reference pics, the helmet does have a little less definition than the "fritz" helmets on the originals. I choose some extra Israeli heads I had, about two extra British heads and the best ones are from extra French I had.

I removed the SAWs from enough Revell US and glued and plastic-welded them onto various firing figures.
Next up were the HK, AG-36, UGLs. These were simply bits of balsa cut to the appropriate length and CA'ed to the underside of the C8. I used the same method to attach the distinctive "Elcan C-79" sight.
The bare figure, oh the potential! I also removed the gas-mask pack.

The hydration pack from the Caesar Bundeswehr set

Trimmed and CA'ed in place, just squash any edges that stick out with  the dull side of  a knife blade

The added head, this one is British

And this one is French

This figure uses the UGL, and C-79 methods earlier mentioned, as well as an Israeli head.

One of the 16 figures I've finished. 

This one came out well, they all wear a Dutch version of US three-tone desert camo. Note the lovely ISAF patch

Another one with a UGL, of all the ones I did, this one is my favorite pose.

A couple of variations on the hydration/armor possibilities, left: German, Right: US Elite Force. I'm not not sure which style is favored by the Dutch army, but this is such a small detail that I'm fine with either.

 Have a good day, and "get a fun," to quote the great old Tamiya model kit instructions.


  1. Very nice work Ben they do look very nice. I am quite impressed especially when you think that they are a very mixed up bunch of people, french heads, british heads, german backs but yet they came out perfectly. well as perfect as you can get with such small figures

    1. Thanks Gowan, I actually had to guess on what the backs would be. I didn't see any pictures of what system they use for sure. Other than that I'm pretty happy!

  2. That are some excellent conversions Ben!


    1. Thank you sir, I should do some Belgians in honor of a moderator shouldn't I? Maybe in the future!

  3. Skillful work Ben, well done.

    1. Thanks for the flattering words Paul, I've just realized lately that most of the sets I "need" will probably never be made in plastic, so I hope to continue improving my converting. Thanks for looking.