Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Type-72Z platoon.

Here are the Iranian Type-72Zs I said I would do. I'm sure you all are sick of seeing modern tanks, but I am still quite pumped! As I already said, these are the Trumpeter "Chn Type-59 Medium" kits. They are cheap, and went together without a flaw.

The ERA bricks were an experiment for me. Rather than use balsa, or clay as I have recently, I tried the Pegasus Hobbies diorama bricks. Despite picking out the "small" sized set, they are still too large so I had to trim each one to a roughly correct size which led to shattering of several, and a somewhat uneven look. You decide.

On the other hand, I am very happy with the paint scheme Its just Apple Barrel Khaki, with shapes in Chocolate, a black wash, and a drybrush of khaki again. Now that I have thoroughly bored you, I will show the pictures!

Here with the Easy Model T-55 repaint.
Here is an AT-14 (?) "Kornet" rocket for the Iranians.
It is past my bedtime, thanks for looking :D


  1. nice work Ben, I am never sick of tanks, though putting them together can get tedious, I like looking at them in action and being intimidating. :-D

    I even found a book in the stores called the tank spotters guide... though I think that if you lived in an area where you could tick off multiple tanks off the list you should probably consider moving.

    1. Thanks Gowan! I have forgotten what my book is called, but a mix of that and Wikipedia usually tell me all I need to know. On another note, I have had only a few encounters with the real thing, which could be a good thing or bad!

  2. good job Ben ;)
    I joined on the forum, thank you for your message

    1. Thanks Michel! I'm glad you could join, you contributions will be admired I'm sure ;D

  3. Very nice work! I look forward to seeing the finished AT-14!