Friday, April 12, 2013

Figure Previews

Here are the figures that will eventually be elements of the FSA. They come from Caesar, Wee Friends, and Under Fire miniatures. The last shot is a comparison with Caesar.
Under Fire are literally the best 20mm, as well as some of the best figures in general that I have ever seen. Vepa has the same sculptor so now all I can think about is their Iraq War US Infantry sets (also supplied to the US and Europe by Under Fire.)
Wee Friends weren't really worth the cost in my opinion. The sculpting etc is almost as perfect as Under Fire, but the pose selection was not the best. Still, they are amazing figures (anyway, I already understood the cost before ordering)!
Have a good weekend. I hope to get some of these done tomorrow afternoon. 
Under Fire (UF)
Wee Friends (WF). A few accidents happened with these, thus the replaced arms  X-(
L-R: WF, Caesar, UF. I am very happy with the great match.


  1. nice work. There's not been much on the News recently about Syria, with North Korea taking the spotlight. well I am sure these guys will see some use in some very nice games, and they are pretty generic also I imagine, so would make good ME militia.

  2. Thanks Gowan. True, Syrian has been a little quite lately. Here is a great site with a lot of focus on Syria though:
    I was thinking the same thing about these figures, maybe I could use them in Iraq to an extent.
    Thanks for looking. I hope to finish a couple more soon.