Friday, June 7, 2013

Old Brushes Never Die...

...they just get replaced.
Some of my old brushes.

And some of my new ones. This is a test figure using my new ones as well as my first Vallejo paints.
P.S. I know the buttons should be silver ;)
On another note I will be starting a new Napoleonic project very soon. Stay tuned and happy Friday.


  1. Being a tight fisted Yorkshireman I could still get some use out of the top brush....

    Seriously though that WIP figure is very nice.



    1. lol, it it wasn't in the trash I would send it to you!!
      Thanks for the complement. I'm doing him as part of a little series of "reference figures" for practice (so I can get the painting correct) before I start the rest of the guys. I'll probably have them posted in about a week.

  2. very nice stuff Ben! and I could still use those brushes. they are perfect for applying/cleaning up glue and stuff. I have one old brush that is no-longer a brush because once it looked bad it became the primer applier, now its rather solid.

    great stuff and interesting project.

    1. Thanks, Gowan.
      No need to worry, I saved a couple of the not-as-bad brushes for just that purpose.
      Oh, you can send that "solid" brush to Pete :D

  3. Hoping to see some more nappies from you. These are 1-72 I am assuming? I would like to paint up some more Battalions for Shako.

    1. Thanks!
      The are actually AB Miniatures's "18mm" guys.
      I wanted to try a few of the smaller scale to cut down on painting time.
      I'll be starting with a French "brigade" of two line and one light rgt. Each battalion will be 24 men. ~1:96 ratio.

    2. They will be, rather.
      These are Hat's Chasseurs