Friday, June 15, 2012

Afghanistan Farm Compound: an Outdoor Game

The weather has, in some ways, taken a turn for the better in my area of the country, thus an outdoor game was in order. I've been wanting to have a go at another modern game recently, since the fun in "Somewhere in Africa 2000." This game was rather short and bloody, not to mention simple. The objective was for the Americans to surprise the local Taliban unit sheltered in a sunflower farm.

One platoon of  Caesar U.S. in UCP move through the dried river bed: one squad gives cover fire while a squad flanks the farm through the dried up irrigation ditches.
"B" and the platoon support unit and a sniper take center with covering fire on the compound

Platoon HQ

Squad "C" moving on irrigation ditch

Stryker adding to the mix

The team moves forward

The compound comes to life during the second turn

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Squad "B"

"C" advancing

"A" advancing at the same pace

Smoke drifts through the plowed fields

The Taliban 75mm RR fires and missed

The support; Sniper; and squad "B" set about a deadly crossfire on the compound

The very last turn, 2 U.S. soldiers are hit and killed

"C" moves to secure the compound

3 KIA, 2 Injured
23 KIA, 3 vehicles destroyed
U.S. Army units moping up


  1. What a great report! Clearly your weather is better than where I live.....

    1. It is great in some ways, like I said. Us seafood personnel dislike it as the crabs seem to hide when the wind is NE. Nonetheless, its nice in every other way

  2. Best gameboard ever! :D
    Nice stryker. Now I feel I need one too..

    1. Thanks Jonathan. It was admittedly a lot of fun playing in the dirt for a while!

      I think I need another Stryker too, as well as some LAVs for my upcoming USMC in desert MARPAT...

  3. wow an out doors game... how did the figs take it? good weather.

    1. The figs took it pretty well, at least Caesar [I can't get paint to rub off them to save my like :)] And very nice weather, 70s-80s, the American way of course

  4. Ben,
    Outstanding! The battle report looks great - I love the "satellite" or UAV photo of the battlefield in the first pic and your UCP is awesome! You put my guys to shame.

    23 bad guys-KIA sounds like a great day to me!!! You're making me want to get off my butt and finish up those modern Russians and start more modern US for my Invasion USA scenario!!!

    Great work, Ben, as usual.


  5. Thanks Steven! And I hardly think my camo puts yours to shame. I worried that 23 KIA and no wounded was a bit excessive, but considering that there were two m-60s, and six S.A.W. in the platoon, and the two .50 cal mounted on the HMMWV and Stryker, I realized that every time an insurgent came into view, he was hit 3-4 times! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your projects. Thanks for looking.

    1. BTW, I just finished painting my Marine platoon in desert MARPAT, even more firepower there! Pictures up later when I finish the basing

  6. Excellent report and pictures. Thanks for sharing Ben!


    1. It is always a pleasure to share these. I don't usually play with them outdoors, I do get in the mood though sometimes.

  7. Now I miss my youth! My battles were epic! :D

    1. You can still have them though!
      Look at some of these battles

      Also, Tim at megablitz and more has done a few outdoor games, they are a lot of fun.